Water. Arguably the most important substance on the earth. Covering over 70% of the earth and making up 50%-65% of the human body. No living organism can survive without it. Whether you need water to drink and wash clothes or water plants or livestock, having a constant supply of clean, usable water is a necessary part of life.

Peachstate Well Drilling and Pump Service - servicing Athens Georgia and surrounding areas

Peachstate Well Drilling and Pump Service is a locally owned and operated business servicing the Greater Athens Area and most of Northeast Georgia. We offer a full array of well and pump services, from new installation to repair and replacement of existing systems. Our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction, and we will stop at nothing less.

Peachstate Well Service Truck

Here are just a few of the many services we offer:

  • Water well drilling
  • New pump installation
  • Existing well system repair
  • Well abandonments

We use top of the line products from Goulds Water Technology, Centripro, and Perma Tank to provide our customers with a worry-free and efficient water well system to meet all of their needs.

Whether you need a well drilled for a new home or agricultural or commercial irrigation, we specialize in matching the best possible well system to your specific requirements. We offer 6” and 8” drilled wells to up to a depth of 620 feet. We are up to date on all State of Georgia licensing and regulations and take pride providing our customers with the best possible water well systems.
In America 13,100,000 occupied households are served by privately owned individual wells* and for those in Athens and Northeast Georgia, Peachstate Well Drilling and Pump Service would like to be the company you chose for all of your water well and pump service needs.

* U.S. Census, American Housing Survey, 2013