Well Drilling

A drilled well is a borehole cut into the ground with the upper section of the well lined with casing (usually PVC or steel) to prevent the borehole from collapsing. The casing is driven into the ground until solid bedrock is reached. Once the casing is placed into the bedrock and properly sealed to prevent contamination by surface water, the driller will then cut though hard bedrock to reach the water that is found in underground aquifers.

Once an appropriate amount of water is found, it is measured to determine whether it will meet the needs of the customer. If it does, a pump and tank package of adequate size is selected and installed.

At Peachstate Well Drilling and Pump Service we pride ourselves in providing our clients with competitively priced well and pump systems. Whether you are in need of a 6” or 8” drilled well for residential, commercial, or agricultural needs, we would like to be the professionals you choose.